Kate Lin

Today I realised that if someone is hurting you, mentally or physically, you cannot have them in your life weather you’re related or not. My father threatened my mother with divorce if she tried to stop him from physically and verbally abusing me. I finally agreed to never contact my family again, I gave them too many chances and this one ended up with my father calling the police on me because I screamed and cried and begged my mom to help me and tried to get away while he “restrained me” after my brother told me that the world would benefit from my death and my dad just assumed I had done something wrong (he takes any reason to bully me) and of course noone believed me and my mom lied for him to the police even while I was sitting in the grass having a panic attack and hysterically crying. The worst part is noone believes me because me father is so fucking good at being fake. And I am sitting here drowning in guilt because I don’t want my mother to be sad. What even is life and why am I here